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Providing Large Aircraft Charters to Major Sporting Events

ASG offers large aircraft charter for sports travel to major events. This allows groups of 50 or more to enjoy the convenience of a private jet charter at an affordable price. We take care of the details including:

  • Large luxury jet
  • Direct flight
  • Dedicated check-in
  • Ground transportation to and from the event – no dealing with game day traffic!
  • Dedicated flight attendants

Obtaining the necessary approvals for a large aircraft charter requires experienced personnel. Our staff takes care of all of the necessary FAA paperwork and insurance and can obtain aircraft for individual tickets or for a single chartering entity.

ASG has a passion for safety and security. We fly only modern well equipped aircraft and all flight crews are highly experienced and well trained. An advantage to group travel on one of our large aircraft charters is that traveling with colleagues can reduce the risks which may be associated with traveling with others who are unfamiliar.

A large aircraft charter allows you to avoid the hassle of commercial travel which typically involves long check ins and time consuming transfers. Our charters are also surprisingly affordable.

ASG has flown fans on our large aircraft charters to BCS Championship games in Miami, New Orleans, and Phoenix and regular season games to destinations such as the Cowboys Stadium in Dallas.

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