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Aviation Services Group, Inc is a Federal Aviation Administration licensed on-demand air carrier, certificate number W1MA398J. ASG began business in January 2000.

As an FAA licensed air carrier, ASG is subject to rigorous oversight by the FAA and must insure that all flight operations are compliant with applicable federal aviation regulations. When you decide that you need to charter an aircraft be sure that the operator is legally licensed by the FAA. All Captains employed by Aviation Services Group are ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) rated. All Captains are subject to random drug testing. All pilots are given annual simulator recurrent training and must pass aircraft and instrument competency check rides to perform air carrier pilot duties. Each aircraft is maintained to the highest standard on an FAA Approved Aircraft Inspection Program. Aviation Services Group, Inc. is a member of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and National Aircraft Transportation Association (NATA).